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About Us!

Following our exit from the dairy industry due to drought,

 ‘Knockando" Beef Cattle Stud stud was established in 2010 at “Cowirra” South Australia.


In 2010 two cows, two heifers and a sire were purchased from “Big River” Murray Grey stud here in south australia.

After the sale of our bull we have since then built our herd by using artificial insemination.


In 2013 we expanded the herd to include Black Belted Galloways.

Our initial purchase consisted of two cows from Judith Mckinnon also here is South Australia,

along with a heifer from the Heazlewood family in Victoria.


In 2014 we made the decision to expand into the Limousin breed introducing a cow & two heifers from the Burden family at Tintinara.

Whilst using bulls makes for better time management, the use of artificial insemination allows for access to a wider genetic pool

as well as the ability to keep more than one breed without the concerns of interbreeding.


Whilst initially we were tested and cleared as MN1 as part of the Johnes Map Program,

we are now a closed herd, and accredited Beef Only and use 99% AI.

In exceptional circumstances should we require a bull, we utilise only other Beef Only accredited herd bulls.


We cull heavily on structural soundness & temperement.


The herd is regularly handled, all weaners are halter broken & all animals are grassfed.

Supplementary feeding is only carried out when preparing animals for show.


We welcome visitors at any time.


As most people who know us know we are extremely passionate about Australian Wildlife, Native Parrots & rescuing them.

We have many here that have been rescued & some Wallaby's that we purchased in an effort to preserve them.


And now for the long version ... We were previously dairy farmers by breeding & milking Stud Holstein Fresian and Jersey Cattle.  In April of 2010 we were forced to close the dairy down due to the ongoing drought and poor milk prices and are now building our little beef herd up with Murray Grey, Belted Galloway & more recently Limousin Cattle. 

In our spare time we enjoy breeding and showing cattle and the kids like to enter in other areas too sometimes. We are fortunate enough to have five wonderful children comprising of four daughters and a son, who are various ages & stages of their lives.

We also have a passion for animals in general our pets as you live are vast and varied and include a very fat spoilt cats who we adopted, various dogs, Australian Native Parrots, non Australian Native Parrots, rescued Kangaroos & Emu's, we have Wallaby's, some sebastapol geese, mallard ducks and a handful of chooks still too.

Over the years we have shown our poultry, waterfowl & dairy & beef cattle at various club, agricultural & horticultural shows. We don't profess to know everything about showing any animals of any kind, and are far from the thought that our animals are the best their respective breed can be. But in saying that we will continue to breed as close to the breed standards as possible and bring in new stock when needed and have great fun trying to achieve the perfect animal. (if there is such a thing!).

Information about the various animals and their breeds comes from various sources including the breed society in question.

Our children all have their own cows so they get to enjoy showing as much as we do and learn the importantce of showmanship and that winning isn't everything. As well as learning how to win graciously it's equally as important to learn how to lose. Sometimes the most important part of the exercise is the journey getting their & the friendships we make a long the way.

We do not show with the prospect of winning. We show because we enjoy the past time & spending time with our animals as a family.

Most people who show can tell you if you cover your costs we are lucky, if you don't bad luck and if you come out in front it's a bonus.

We hope you enjoy the site as much as we have enjoyed putting it together and if you would like anything added please email us.


This site is child friendly and contains no information or content whatsoever that would be harmful for children to look at.



Our priority is to educate.


Not just in regards to animals but anything that people are interested in learning about.


  • Our aim is to preserve and promote Beef Cattle breeds in Australia.
  • The aim of this site is to share our interests, hopefully helping others in the process and look to the future and breed all of our animals as close to their standards as possible.
  • If this site helps you to learn something new then all is well and good.
  • If you think there is something we need to add, let us know.
  • We are always open to new ideas and ways of improving















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