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Firstly thank you all for joining me on my journey. Whilst my professional portfolio is still growing I thank everyone that has given me the opportunity to become a part of their lives. I am very humbled by the opportunities that this career affords me. I get to meet some amazing people at the most special times in their lives and do something that I love and am passionate about all at the same time, and for that I am grateful more than words can ever say Ö

I donít have a fancy story about how I got into photography except that the time just felt right and so here I am. I have been taking photos my whole life, ever since making a pin box camera in year 8 at school. (I still have the photo I took and developed too) I have just bought various cameraís over the years to take as many photographs of my family because I personally donít have many photographs from my childhood, so I wanted to be sure to capture as many memories as I could for our children and their families to be able to keep. I love being able to do this as a hobby and now I have decided to take it to the next level and make it a bigger part of my life.

I am a self-taught photographer & love experimenting at my own pace, and being inspired by my children, nature, and other peopleís smiling faces as well as my surroundings. I believe nature makes an attractive and beautiful backdrop so location photography is my favourite. Don't get me wrong studios definitely have their place (and I am in the process of establishing one) , I just find nature as a back drop so much more appealing, so when I get the option of getting out and about I jump at it.

I can honestly say all my clients will get my heart and soul put into their photographs. For me photography to me comes down to preserving memories, yet at the same time I know that a small part of me will be a part of that image.

Overall I am a regular person just like you. I am striving to offer a quality service at a price people can afford by using a craft that I have a genuine passion for and use that passion combined with knowledge and experience to bring you the client a sense of happiness and memories that will last you a lifetime.


***All prices include my time, editing and preparation of final images, co-ordination and inclusions in set packages.

Please respect the time and effort that goes into producing your photographs, I ask that you do not crop or alter the images in any way, including removal of water marks.

 If you would like an image altered please contact me and i can do this at times for a small charge and within reason.


I specialise in location photography and are located in Mannum South Australia. I am available to do photographic shoots at any location of your choice. 


Included in the price of your shoot you will receive a disc of photo's to keep, helping you make the most of the occasion .I would like to think that you can look at your beautiful portraits every day and be immediately taken back to the joy and love you and your family felt the day they were taken.


My price includes all facets of photographic processing including Capture Charges, Proofing, Master File Preparation, Retouching (if required/requested) and Burning to a Disc.


You have the option of ordering prints through me (at a fee) or you may choose to order them yourself.


I am available to photograph families, children, couples, teenagers and at special occasions including birthdays and anniversaries.


A Portrait Session with Magical Memories is more than simply taking a few photographs; it is about receiving an experience that is personal and memorable. It is an experience which you can relax and enjoy knowing that I am listening to your wishes and are striving to acheive the best possible images of you and your family.


The most important thing for your Photo Shoot is to feel comfortable and relaxed on the day, I will talk and work with you on anything you are uncertain with.


I will usually try to photograph for both posed and candid images, and you should feel happy to let children roam freely as I am often able to capture them at their most playful this way.


The Portrait Session will generally last anywhere between 1-2 hours depending upon how comfortable your family are with continuing, during which time we will capture a considerable range of images.

reas/locations for photographic shoots within the Mid Murray Area include:  


  • Mannum Waterfalls
  • Mary Ann Reserve Mannum     
  • Old Tailem Town (entry fees apply)
  • Sturt Reserve Murray Bridge
  • Willow Point Winery Jervois Road

        Key areas/locations for photographic shoots in Adelaide (travel charges may apply) include:

  • Adelaide-Himeji Garden
  • Any of the beaches especially Port Elliot
  • Belair National Park
  • Grundy Gardens
  • Elder Park
  • Montifore Hill
  • Mount Lofty Botanic Garden
  • One of the many South Australia churches
  • Pennington Gardens
  • Pioneer Womenís War Memorial Gardens
  • River Torrens
  • Rymill Park
  • The Adelaide Bridge
  • The Adelaide City Town Hall
  • The Adelaide Park Lands
  • The Botanic Gardens of Adelaide
  • The Art Gallery of South Australia
  • The South Australia museum
  • The Treasury
  • Waterfall Gully
  • Wineries in the Barossa Valley
  • Wittunga Botanic Garden

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